Best Selling Casio Watches

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Casio Edifice

Best Selling Casio Watches

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Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice EQS-500DB-1A1ER

Casio, one of Japan’s finest watch brands.

From the classic 1980’s LED electronic watch, to the Edifice EQS (pictured right), Casio make a selection of fine watches that anybody can afford.  Both stylish and practical, watches like the Edifice have propelled Casio onto the top table of timepieces.

For the more adventurous, the G shock offers an exciting sports watch that can take anything that life throws at it.  Here is a watch that is built for windsurfing or mountain climbing, hiking or skateboarding.  It looks good, and its tough!

Casio G Shock

Casio G Shock

For the real nerd (or anybody who went to school in the 80s), the original calculator watch, or the resin digital are simply a a must have.  These are true icons of the eighties, I’m pretty sure the Back To The Future movies wouldn’t have existed without them.

For added “Argos Bling” value then you just have to get the gold plated digitial monster that is the classic quartz watch. You will become too cool for school before you know it with this behemoth on your wrist.  A genuinely talking point, expect people to start to take you seriously again simply by strapping one of these beauties on.

Here are the top selling Casio watches:


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