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Rolex Submariner

How much does a Rolex cost

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Rolex, the very best of watches

Rolex Submariner Watch

Rolex Submariner

Everybody has heard of Rolex. This legendary brand is known world wide for quality and luxury.  From Arab Sheiks to Mid-Western oilmen, Rolex is the go to watch to make an impression with your peers.  The original James Bond (in both the books and the Sean Connery films) wore one, including the Oyster Perpetual on a Nato nylon strap (right).  That strap might have a certain “cool” about it, but give me a good chunky bit of steel every time.  Bond once used his as a makeshift brass knuckle to knock out a guard – now that is a man’s watch!

How Much does a Rolex cost?

Rolex watches vary greatly in price depending upon the materials used (steel, gold, platinum, diamonds etc.), however you will struggle to find a basic steel Rolex for less than $5000 (£4000).  The app below allows you to set a price range using the slider at the top, and discover the best selling Rolex watches withing that price range.  You can also choose to order by the cheapest or best reviewed watches in that price range.


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    All Rolex watches are incredibly disirable, but which one is the best?  Of course, many lucky owners would of course answer: “my Rolex!”, and with good reason since they are all fantastic, but that doesn’t help the prospective purchaser.

    Personally I prefer the understated charm of the Submariner on a steel strap, but then I am a sucker for divers watches.  The Datejust and Oyster Perpetual are equally excellent timepieces.  If you have the money you can also go for the super bling option: 18K gold and diamond encrusted versions availalble for thoses with the deepest pockets.

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual on nylon Nato Strap

    70’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual on nylon Nato Strap, as worn by James Bond